Dear Cardano Citizens, Welcome to Luminapool

Luminapool rests on a stable foundation. We are backed by redundant hardware and a reliable fibre network. The pool is aided by the Stake Pool Operator's decade-long experience as a Web Developer, also tasked with managing, maintaining and automating the upgrade process of E2E test environments.

There are many pools out there... Which pool should I delegate to?🤷

Picking a stake pool at random is easy. Choosing wisely less so. You'd want to delegate to a pool that mints all the blocks it is assigned to. Your SPO must be prepared for the unexpected, and your pool must be able to adapt quickly, to provide high uptime that is essential when it comes to minting the most possible number of blocks.

Adalite and Yoroi users, our pool ID is:


High Availability

We use VM snapshots and multiple sets of VMs, ready to take over in case of an incident, or a planned maintenance. Our nodes are always built on pristine environments.


Our ticker. Look out for this to delegate to Luminapool. Also, please double check our pool ID, just in case someone is trying to impersonate us.

Cutting Edge Networking

Our symmetrical, reliable fibre network ensures we stay on-line. Redundant internet connection is already supported by our infrastructure, the secondary fallback connection will be implemented soon.


Deployments of new environments are already automated. Updates and incident based automated failover are on our roadmap.

What can a Stake Pool Operator do to ensure high performance?

Quite a lot actually. We must be able to update and roll back effortlessly, and to react to incidents swiftly. These incidents should be rare, but since we are still in early stages of this revolutionary project, we remain prepared.

Here are a few things that help achieving that goal:

  • Redundant Hardware

    Hardware redundancy helps to keep the pool running even in the case of a hardware failure. It also facilitates spinning up a set of backup VMs for maintenance

  • Low latency Database Access

    We are using multiple cutting edge NVMe SSDs to ensure DB reads and writes are as quick as possible. These SSDs are passed through to the VMs directly, meaning there is no virtualisation overhead at all, just raw performance.

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply

    Our server is backed by a UPS, ensuring power irregularities can't cause data loss, and even in case of a full power loss we can keep running, until power is back. Oh yes, we do remain connected to the network.

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